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Add My Service Page On Google Business Pages

Google provides a number of goods for organizations to utilize them for handling various jobs. One of them is Google My Business (GMB).

Google now permits organizations to include service menus in their Google My Business listings.

It has broadened a feature released previously this year, allowing restaurants to add food as well as drink menus to their Google My Business listings.

Not just restaurants, health and beauty services also can add menus to their Google My Business listings.

Menus are arranged containing just a name, description and also price for each item. Single items can then be included into particular sections.

Organizations can add menus available inside the “information” tab in the Google My Business dashboard. The menu editor program seems like this-



Organizations are now able to use this feature if their listing is not at present included to a 3rd party menu provider. The feature is just offered for organizations that are in English speaking areas.




Google has constantly supported organizations around the world and offered them tools which fix their organization administration difficulties.

Google My Business is one of those and also this brings numerous facilities for organizations under this item.

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