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All About PHP Benefits And Work

If you want your website interactive, secure, compelling. All of these things makes your website more efficient and effective and it will help to keep your customer. The one popular solution is use the scripted php. Php helps you to solve the entire website related problem.

What is PHP?

Created in 1995, php stands for “Personal Home Page”. It is now generally known as “Hypertext pre-processor”. Php is usually use for designing the dynamic page and webpages to be more interactive. Php is use for scripting language, open-source. Php is high-level language compare to c, ASP, or

PHP originally designed for the website development, but php rapidly grew and become most used language. PHP is primary use a scripting language. PHP code is embed on html code. PHP enables your web servers to process the web pages before displayed on the web browsers.

Benefits of the PHP

  • PHP is embedded on the HTML code that why it is so popular.
  • Php supports all the major operating system and major web browsers.
  • The main focus of the php is web development. It has a quick development time. It can solve all the scenarios quicker than other web design language.
  • Php is open source and it is free.
  • It is very easy to write scripts, so it helps to interact easily with the database.
  • The latest version of the php is very sturdy like c++, java.
  • You only need a text editor to work on php.

What can you do with PHP?

PHP is a very adaptable language that enables to create a high end, stable, interactive, website. Here are the things you can do with the help of php.

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You can make forms with the help of php.

Php can store data on database

Php can remember your cookies and caches for make your visit on the website less stressful.

How does PHP work?

PHP derives its power from “pre-processing” hypertext on the server side. This generally means that PHP scripts runs on your web server. It performs programmed actions, and return html code that sent to the customer web’s browsers. PHP script do not sent back to the user with the html code. PHP code is invisible and secure for the users.

PHP has some special features to use in the websites

PHP secure the website from malicious attack, that the valid password and id should be entered.

PHP also works on the web forms. Php can display the form and process what the visitors put in the form. This is the best way to learn and understand the customer needs.

PHP is adapt to communicate with the database, storing information and retrieving valuable information that is display on the users’ browsers.

This article is presented by Mr. Ankit Yadav web programmer and created many website using php and currently he is working for Future Wings Media that provides PHP Course in Delhi.

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