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Beginner Guide On PHP

The full form of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. It is the oldest language but the hangover is still on the people. The reason is that it offers the exclusive features which are not present in other languages. it is the still the most favorite language of the web developer. You will also see that about 60% website is based on PHP which is a big achievement for any language. Other language features are not compatible with PHP.

It offers exclusive features but rest of the work lies in the hand of the web developer. Its upon him. How they use the coding and make attractive and interactive website. A good website is known when its interference is customer friendly and appearance is unique from other websites and has other attributes which is important to have in good websites. This field is full of innovative ideas and accomplish the task in given deadline and according to the desire of the customer. This is the challenging job. Every time you have to give beyond the expectation.

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PHP website is easy to make and doesn’t time consuming. If you have limited time and want to create the website then PHP is the best option available to you. You have to design the coding in such manner that the appearance of the website is eye catchy. PHP gives the feature of creating fabulous dynamic pages in short period. It is free language so you don’t need to spend on it. It is server friendly and can be operated on any server which is the unique factor. Its loading time is also low because its coding can be embedded with HTML coding as it has its own database where it is stored as memory which attracts the visitors in waiting for loading the website. This feature is not present on other languages.

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The structuring the coding is not a complex task. It can be done by anyone in taking the 3-4 class. So, it inspires the many people and explore in this field. PHP based websites can be made by the non technical person. The only thing in which he/she should be expert in making the coding.

Its features are amazing and easy to learn also.

This article is presented by Deepak Jangra faculty of Future Wings Media that provides PHP Training in Delhi and he have immense knowledge in his field.

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