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Difference between Paid Web Hosting and Free Web Hosting

Paid Web hosting is obviously considered as better web hosting as compared to free web hosting. But Free hosting is also beneficial for rookies, non-professional people which do not need much bandwidth space. They do not want enough bandwidth space as their website contains little or no information because they are learning the basics in that field. On the contrary, Paid hosting contains lot of features and plans with different bandwidth and disk space. It is significant for the business purposes and therefore requires high profile hosting (E-commerce is the best example). Some technical aspects which separates and make both of them unique are discussed briefly-



  1. Mechanical Support– Mechanical Support or Technical Support plays a vital role for successful web hosting company. Web hosting companies recruit potential and dynamic support team to face the complex problems of customers. But it includes some amount to pay and therefore is a part of paid web hosting. Free web hosting rarely provides technical support and have minimum requirement of support.
  2. Trustworthiness– The reliability can also be expected from paid web hosting as they want to build reputation among visitors and customers with their whole efforts in terms of services, technical support, or any other queries. But, free web hosting is somewhat different because it does not involve money and are provided complimentary services to anyone. So, one cannot rely on the services or support from this type of web hosting.
  3. Data TransferРThe speed of data and efficiency of showing the expected result in a quick time is really one of the important factors in today’s expedited world. It is because of bandwidth provided by the web host which defines the speed of data transmission. The slow speed issue is serious matter of concern for the client seeking paid web hosting as they want their website to quickly load without any time. Most of the people who visits website generally closes the site due to slow loading time in processing request. Free web hosting does not provide enough space in giving bandwidth and try to keep a site to be operative.
  4. Allocation of Space In web hosting space allocation is one of the most important factor. Disk space helps to make the speed of the website efficiently according to your plan. This is only possible in paid web hosting. The client generally allocates their maximum space in case of business related websites. But in free web hosting you may not have different choices in selecting the plan. They offers the package which cannot be modified. Allocation of space is the main difference which separates these two type of web hosting.
  5. E-mail Services Paid web hosting provides ample numbers of email accounts for great efficiency of business or other related site. While purchasing web hosting, one has to anticipate each and every aspect which could be important in future like disk space, bandwidth space, SSL certificate, numbers of domains and much other features. Free web hosting whereas offer few email accounts as they provides the dedicated package and you cannot make alteration in that package.

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