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Earn money with Google Adwords

Earlier there was some relaxation on making money through Google Ad words by promoting your product from clickbank, and then publishing the number of ads on vendor’s website by making your affiliate ads. But that era is gone and now Google had restricted the number of ads by publishing only one ad to a particular website. Direct linking is impossible as the person with highest bid ranking price gets the link. Nowadays you have to make landing page to land your visitors thereon. Earlier there was a time when you no longer needed to point your ads showing that you are an affiliate.

Making money earlier was much easier than earning now. But it is not impossible to do so; you have to push yourself harder by observing and analyzing the tutorial of Google campaigns and then “convert your ideas into reality”. Not long ago Google has also announced recent update known as “Google Slap” which made mandatory to make your landing page relevant to the keywords and ads.



While before making campaign the first and foremost step is to target potential audience. The mentality of most of the webmaster is to first promote the product and then to further efforts in targeting the customers. This approach cannot yield profit and all your efforts will go in vain.

Proceeding further the next stage is to make your list of keywords for creating Adwords campaign. The keywords should be relevant and appropriate according to the ad and you should not target the keywords which are irrelevant. If you are giving headline to your ad ”Want Aktura Software” and targeting keywords like “innovative tool” and “find aktura software tutorial”. You should target keywords like “Buy Aktura software”, “Aktura software free tools”.

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By making your relevant list of keywords for advertisement you are ready to make your adword campaign. If your landing landing page is not relavant with your keywords and ads and going to penalise by google then it can be resolved by ways of strategies. Select the most affluent keywords and search that keyword on google. Copy the URL of the website which is revealing first position in organic search results. After that in your campaign, temporary change the existing URL of your ad from top website URL which you just searched. Then see what minimum bid requirement google wants. If it has moved down from the existing price then your landing page wants to be modified to reflect keyword phrase.

According to my recommendation, if you are really willing to make couple of money from google adwords and have potential to do so then grab the copy of google Ebook which covers various topics like how to find products on clickbanks and how to make great ads and other essential topics.

This video tutorial might help you to make some good money with Google Adwords.

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