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Effective ways of earning money on YouTube in 2019

YouTube is the second most important search engine after Google. Its value is increasing day by day. It is the great medium to earn money on YouTube by delivering the best content to the audience. It is the great platform to show the hidden talent to the people. There are many people who earned fame through this platform and have their fan following. If you have the interesting content then you can become the leader in your niche. People are uploading their video in different niche such as singing, comedy, recipes, exercise, tips of any king etc. There is no topic left on which you would find no video on YouTube. As compare to read the article, people love to see the video and grasp the knowledge in few minutes. Video is more attracting option then text article. It has te power to attain the attention of the people if the content is engaging.

Now, the main concept starts how to monetize the YouTube channel and earn lucrative income. YouTube is the great medium to become famous by just uploading the interesting and engaging video. Here, you will get to know the effective ways to rule on the YouTube.


Without the YouTube channel you cannot create your own audience. It is the first step in making the first step forward. Below some steps are written for creating the YouTube channel-

  • First of all create the Gmail account if not and sign in.
  • Open the YouTube and then click on drop down box on the left side where the logo of YouTube is there.
  • Click on the ‘My Channel’ then another menu will appear. Click on the ‘Set up your Channel on YouTube’ with your name written on it.
  • Fill the required information and your account is ready.
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Now, you have to select the area in which you gain expertise and different material to serve to the audience. There are various people who set their niche in their field because of their content value and still trending over the YouTube. There are numerous fields on which you can create the video and entertain people. It is the important factor to decide before creating the video. Some of the field where many YouTubers set the niche is comedy, singing, cooking, news, dancing and so on. There is huge list but to make your video eye-catchy you should add some interesting and entertaining concept to increase your subscription list.

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Strategize your YouTube content

Formulate the content how you want to show to the public. There are many factors which take into consideration such as its background, ways of covering the shoot, elements to incorporate in the video and many more. Everything is important to make the video impactful and engaging so that audience would like to share and like the video. It will enhance the popularity of you channel. You can become the king of the YouTube if you optimize you account efficiently and use the best and unique content because there are many people who would like to see the video to increase their clarification and understand the topic in few seconds.

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Optimization of the channel

Now, your videos are ready to upload but mere uploading is not enough. It is the time to spread the video to the actual audience. You have to take some steps to widespread the video. These steps are written below-

Keyword planner

It is the tool which helps in choosing the right keyword from which audience can reach to your video. People put some query o the search box to find the relevant video. If you have used the best keyword with matching the intent of the audience then your video will appear. This will help you get the maximum views.

Picture editing app

There are many apps which are used to edit the video and remove the defect. It increases the effectiveness of display of the video. Some of the apps are filmora, PicMonkey etc.

Social media campaign

Social media is the right way to widespread the video to maximum people. It’s a best best channel to optimize any business & service in Digital Marketing. There are number of social media where you can use effective strategies and grasp the audience.

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Apply for adsense

Adsense is the way to monetize your channel. You can earn money when viewer clicks on the ad displaying in your video. YouTube has its own algorithms to approve the permission which you have to comply. The steps are given below that how to send the adsense permission.

  • First of all, you have to enable the monetization option. Click on the channel option then the menu will appear which has the option of monetization. Enable the option.
  • Then, a screen will appear where you have to fill the personal information.
  • After that, YouTube will verify your account and give the approval.

Also watch the video below for more on making money with youtube.

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