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Executive MBA Programs

EMBA is also known as Executive MBA. It is a Master of Business Administration’s program which is designed for the working professionals so that they can get the MBA degree while working on their current Job Positions. An EMBA program is of same duration as MBA program. It is basically for those working professionals who don’t have a master’s degree yet so that they can compete with the emerging competition in the industries.

To pursue an Executive MBA program you should have minimum 3 years of working experience in the industry. It is basically 2 years course but some of the universities are offering 1 year programs also, but I suggest you to not to choose any one year MBA program because that is just waste of time but if you really want to study business administration then you should only choose the 2 years EMBA programs because that holds the same value as full time MBA programs.


Most of the EMBA students are aged because as I told you before, this program is specially designed for part time students or for those who are working in the industries already, basically the growth of such type of candidates got stuck because of the lack of a master’s degree that’s why they choose to do this program for the growth of their career and to create competition for the new comers.

An EMBA degree pays its fees itself because it allows you to work side by side your studies. It is the best degree for those who don’t want to quit their job. The classes for the EMBA programs are usually conducted on the weekends, holidays or sometime it can be held daily on some occasions. Basically the students pay their course fees from their own pocket but in some cases the employer offers to pay their employee’s EMBA program fees, they basically do that because after becoming an EMBA the candidate will be beneficial for the company and that will help in the company’s growth.

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Now the question is, from which college you should pursue you EMBA program. So here are top five shortlisted colleges, you can apply in them for your EMBA program.

Indian School of Business stands first in the row of top Executive MBA.

IIMA:- Indian Institute of Management (IIMA) has achieved second rank among the top EMBA colleges of India.

IIMC:- Indian Institute of Management Calcutta has created its exemplary recognition through its excellent faculty.

IIMB:- Indian Institute of Management Bangalore is one of the best colleges for your EMBA program.

IIML:- Indian Institute of Management Lucknow has gained an admirable reputation through developing the finest managers for the global industries.

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