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Executive MBA (EMBA)

The trend of MBA is increasing day by day with rapid growth of industrialization in world ,every company sought scientific approaches to management. There are numbers of MBA available in India such as Full time MBA, Part time MBA, Accelerated MBA, Distance MBA, Executive MBA and Dual MBA. Among these, an Executive MBA (EMBA) is the most popular degree. An Executive MBA program is similar to regular MBA program. Most working professionals opt for executive MBA. Executive MBA courses are mainly created for employees who want to pursue an MBA degree while working in an organization. The students are also allowed to take this course in two years or less while working full time. They can be from any background like profit organisation, non-profit organisation and government.

Executive MBA not only helps you to complete the course in short time and place but it also helps you in acquiring all the management skills. To take admission in Executive MBA, students must have a minimum of 3 years higher level work experience. In response to the increasing number of Executive MBA programs, the universities have made it easy for the student to complete the course with comprehensive packages.


Executive MBA (EMBA) is basically a generalist training and students learn how to approach an issue from many perspectives such as Accounting, Finance, HR, Marketing and strategy. Many companies encourage their employees to enrol in an executive MBA so they can develop their managing skills and get good growth in their career. Students who are pursuing an Executive MBA are those who want to amplify their career options or want to upgrade their knowledge and skills. An Executive MBA student usually has ten or more years of work experience as compared to other MBA students.

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The cost for an executive MBA program depends on the college or university. Most of the time, the fees of an executive MBA program is higher than the fees of a traditional MBA program but an executive MBA student usually gets support from their employers. There are good career opportunities for Executive MBA graduates, after earning an executive MBA degree; you can continue your current work with higher position. You can also look for new and more MBA careers in industry.

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