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How To Place Your Keyword For Better Money Making Opportunities

Even if you have a very little interaction with the digital marketing, you might understand the importance of Keyword research and planning and the importance that it holds for the success of your Blog or website. Getting your website on the top in search engines is not an easy task and it can take months to do so. There are several ways in which you can optimize your blog in order to give it a great start and already rank higher than others. Keyword planning is undoubtedly one of the ways that can give your website a head start on your search engine rankings.

A lot of hard work and money goes into successfully creating and marketing an online platform, and the second worst thing apart from the pen alt is that all the hard work for reaching out to the wrong audience and thus failing miserably at the SEO campaign. And trust me on this, but you do not want to be that person.

One thing that every marketer and website owner needs to understand is that a lot of time, planning and market research goes into selecting the perfect keywords or ideal keywords than can help you to reach out to your target and potential customers. An ideal keywords has the capacity to rank your website in less than 15 days leave aside months or years but a wrong one can increase that time to multiple times. Therefore it is very important to devote as much time it takes to select these keywords.

How to use these keywords

The most important question now how to place these keywords in your content in order to take full advantage and increase your website ranking. Apart from that, in addition to your content title, the starting few lines of your content are most important and plays an important role for search engine crawlers to identify the keywords and quality of your content. The first paragraph of your content determines the quality and therefore tries adding your keywords and not stuffing them in the first paragraph. For better usage, try adding a combination of both long tail and short tail keywords. This is how you can use your keywords to increase your ranking and generate money out of it. There are various tools such as Google keywords planner that can assist you in finding the accurate keywords for your website.

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