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Mistakes to Avoid While Monetising Website

1) Don’t Make Use Of Intrusive Popups & Interstitials


Advertisers with intends to adapt monetise mobile phone traffic; the initial step for them is always to verify that their websites consist of any pop-ups, banners, as well as other interstitial ads.

You can find various ways to make use of pop-ups with no hurting a website’s Search Engine Optimization attempts.



However, it is difficult to understand the distinction between user-friendly and intrusive popups, yet according to Google, listed here forms of popups or interstitial advertisements are permitted:

Age verification

Cookie verification

Easily dismissible popups

Legal-related verification

Sign in and sign up dialog boxes

What direction to go?

You need to bring pages that show a user’s interest in provided product. In addition, you’re able to show banners after a person visits a particular wide range of pages, say 3 or 4. You mustn’t release all of your popups regarding the first page since this can negatively impact involvement and usability.


2) Don’t give out an excessive amount of Space to Advertisements


It’s crucial to hit the balance between content and advertisements; else, Google will down rank your website.  And, because of this can result in less traffic much less revenue.

Google appears at website involvement and consumer experience metrics like dwell some time average session duration.

Whenever you pick money over UX, you may possibly see metrics like bounce rate enhance, while pages per session as well as average session duration reduce. This may flag to Google that your particular website does not give sufficient value to users. Ultimately, you could lose rankings, traffic and money.

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What to do?


To monetise traffic, you need to make sure that visitors can use your website easily.

A couple of tips to enhance your website’s load time:

  • Compress Flash, CSS and Javascript elements
  • Get rid of excessive 3rd party add-ons and plugins
  • Opt out of using autoplay on videos, audios, and animations
  • Decrease the size and number of images (if possible)
  • Eliminate intrusive banners, popups, and advertisements
  • Optimize sliders (images and autoplay)
  • Use browser caching
  • Minimize the number of redirects
  • Enhance server response time


4) Don’t Split Up Content Over Many Pages


It’s crucial never to make your visitors to jump around another pages in order to read 1 article. This may let them have a reason not to come again.

As opposed to looking to get more page views and display more advertisements, you need to work with your long-term strategy. Look at supporting devoted audience by posting excellent content and encourage them coming back.


What you should do?


Concentrate on involvement metrics; create nice smooth and clean pages with rewarding content which can be accessed all at one time. Allow it to be easy for people to access and consume your helpful content.

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