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Off-Page SEO: Successful Technique for Webmaster

What is Off-Page SEO?


Off-page SEO is a type of SEO which helps you to drive traffic on your site and increases your authority in google. The main aim of doing off-page SEO is to enhance your ranking in google SERP. It should be kept in mind that mere off-page SEO is not only solution to increase your visibility in search result pages. On-page SEO plays a crucial role and one should execute both these techniques of SEO to flourish in an online market.



Off-page SEO comprises of posting multiple number of backlinks in various websites like article directories sites. There are different methods through which you can increase your ranking by executing off-page SEO. Article Marketing, web 2.0, guest posting, forum posting, quora and various other methods are used to build backlinks. These methods are outside your website whereas on-page SEO is inside your website. Backlinks are also known as inbound links which may refer to a type of link which are posted on other sites in order to increase ranking in search engine result pages.

Off-page SEO is a process of like collecting votes in order to get success. Most of the webmaster thinks that building thousand of backlinks on other sites will increase their ranking in search engine,but is not true. As ranking will only gets increased if you have shared your backlinks with reliable and quality sites. Your all efforts will be in vain when other sites have poor authority in google. Page Authority (PA) as well as Domain Authority (DA) determines your worth of a website in google.

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Some of the popular techniques of doing off-page SEO are discussed:


1. Blog and Forum marketing:


It is a great method of building links by simply reading blogs of others with same interest and posting your valuable comments on it. Bloggers often find encouraging to realize the fact that there are professionals in an online market which are providing their valuable insights on the post. You can register on every blog or forum and create your own profile. It enables you an option of adding your website. So whenever you give answers or comments then it can turn into links.


2. Social Networking:


IT is the most eminent technique and majority of business are promoting their brand through various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram, google+ as well as on snapchat. Any site which has the networking abilities can increase your brand awareness which result in improving ranking in search engine result page.

This method requires persistent efforts and quality. As it means that post your article (normally of 500-600 words) on various article submission sites to build backlinks. Some of the popular sites includes seekingalpha, ezinearticles, apsense, blogspot and various others sites to submit articles. Effective off-page SEO requires integration of strategies. The article should be of high quality, simple and easy to understand, and free from grammatical errors to get positive results.

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