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SEM: How it is different from SEO

What is SEM?


SEM also known as Search Engine Marketing is a method of marketing business online through running advertising campaign for the purpose of brand awareness and it gets displayed on search engine result pages (SERP). Advertisers execute campaign known as PPC (Pay-Per Click) campaign and it appears on search result pages in the form of various kinds of ads. Some are text- based ads and others are product listing ads which are more informative as potential customer can see price and reviews of product.



SEM is also known as paid search marketing as the advertisers pay Google in order to display their ads in search results. It must be noted that there is a big difference between search engine marketing (SEM) and Search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a practice of increasing the ranking of a website at #1 search result page by ways of qualitative content and appropriate targeted keywords. It does not include any expenditure to pay google for ranking as this technique is organically executed in a forbearing manner.


What are the subtle difference between SEO and SEM:


SEM and SEO both are a part of online marketing technique in order to built online reputation and making website popular in online world. SEO is most powerful way to rank high in google SERP. Though it requires persistent efforts and practice but gradually you may able to see an enormous response if done correctly. Keywords must be unique and relevant to your topic as it is a key aspect in SEO where potential customer searches your website by searching related keywords of your niche website. While doing SEO, it is also necessary to run paid advertising campaign (PPC) for promoting your brand and to generate sales by potential customer.

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While creating PPC campaign, you must target your keywords according to your website niche. But at the initial stage you must need to conduct comprehensive research as a practice of keyword management strategy. Keyword research must be executed in order to target those keywords which are appropriate to your business and potential customers are searching from those keywords for your product and services. This practice can be easily done with the help of a free tool called “Free keyword Tool”. You have to enter your keywords related to your business in order to see different suggestions that can be useful for your search engine marketing campaign.

SEM comprises the method of ranking website with the help of paid as well as sponsored listing. A comprehensive search engine marketing campaign would include search engine and directory submission, SEO, PPC marketing, reliable feed programs and paid inclusion, reputation management and link popularity and monitoring performance and ROI evaluation.

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