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Static Website Vs Dynamic Website: Advantages and Disadvantages

Static Website:


Static website refers to a site which does not contain any advanced features or qualities. It works as a medium of only viewing a page without any further action and it is simple. They are not altered frequently as doing this requires a great knowledge and intellectual abilities which can be only possible by website developers. It requires the combination of HTML and CSS language to built. The content in those sites are constant or persist same without any change. These includes contact page which are not altered frequently and remains static. Contact page is important web page on websites as it provides basic information about your organization location with contact number. However, it requires an expense to update and therefore they are affordable to create and adopted by small enterprise as they have lower budget.





Cheap to Create:


These website are easily produced without any efforts as it does not requires any ability or skills to alter them with advances features like dynamic sites. Therefore, these sites do not requires more expense to create and are easily created and developed.




Requires a great deal of expertise to update:


As static website requires expertise in managing and updating, therefore it cannot be updated frequently. As a result of this the content may become old which will hamper the growth of particular business. But it is fine for those businesses who did not want to update their page regularly and is a threat to those businesses which requires regular updates or changes to inform customers.

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Dynamic Website:


Dynamic website refers to those sites in which the amendments can be made with advanced features and tools. However, initial start up of creating dynamic website requires a budget, but after that it is easy for user to alter the website as they can regulate or manipulate the website. These website is integrated with HTML, CSS as well as PHP language to built upon. With the help of content management system, the user may alter their sites and can publish their own information which is known as dynamic publishing. For dynamic business, the CMS tool will enable to prosper in future as you can update your content anytime and anywhere.




Content remains up-to-date:


Dynamic website plays a crucial role in large enterprises, where they have to alter their content to compete with others. As mostly all enterprises whether it is large or small are indulged in making dynamic website because of ever-changing market. To impart updated information through website is fruitful for your business as well as for visitors to acquire knowledge. Through content management system, the user can easily manage the information more precisely which further reduces the amount of persistent efforts.




Quiet Expensive at initial stage:


Dynamic website involves a large budget and therefore mostly preferred by large enterprises. It takes time and money to set up. The advantage for the business from this type of website could be substantial, but the priority of static website should be given before it gets turned around in favour of dynamic sites.

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This Video might provide you better understanding of the difference between both type of websites.

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