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Top 5 Tips in SEO for Using Appropriate On-Page keywords

What is Keyword?


As the word itself depicts that it is a key word or phrase in your web page that helps audience to search for your site in search engines. If website is effectively optimized by considering norms of search engines, then it may result in rapid growth and ranking in search engine result pages.

Keywords is a part of On-page SEO method which are duly followed by every webmasters and it is a significant technique to optimize site. Executing Off-page keywords is equally important as doing on-page SEO.


Some of the tips I have discussed in my article for using relevant keywords:


1. Target keyword in page title:


Page title is the most important measure to evaluate what you have written on your web page. Targeting keywords in page title assists google to crawl easily. Therefore, your page keywords on page title should be appropriate and related to your web page topic. For instance if you have created your web page of digital marketing course, then your page title should be related to digital marketing by writing on page title “Digital marketing course in Delhi”


2. Keywords in description:


Targeted keywords by posting on description is a method to make your web page easily rank on top of the search engine result page as searchers may possibly search with your targeted keyword. It is a part of On-page SEO while writing meta description and your description limit should be of 140 words.


3. Keywords in URL:


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While googlebots executes crawling session, they evaluate the website by evaluating the effectiveness of each link for the purpose of indexing. Therefore, keywords must be targeted on your URL page to determine what your web page is about. In wordpress tool (CMS), there is a default option of permalink which helps to execute effective SEO.


4. Always focus on keywords while creating web page:


While creating web page, it must be kept in mind that your keyword is the only measure to determine your ranking in search engine. It is a need of an hour for every marketer to target keywords on their web page. But more and more usage of keywords will result in keyword stuffing which is a part of unethical practice (also known as black-hat practice) according to google guidelines. Therefore, the usage of keywords should be executed by abiding norms of google.


5. Try to make your keywords using H1 tag:


H1 text is used in creating title of web pages. Keywords must be targeted by writing with h1 tag and should be bold and underlined. As it will help google and other search engines to know the significance of your web page.

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