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Ways to Prevent Spam SEO in Google Analytics

Why Spam Search Engine Optimization traffic Causes Troubles to Site?


Let’s focus on an instance to comprehend this. Suppose, your site is obtaining an adequate amount of traffic but nevertheless leaves scope for better. 1 day, you saw an increase and therefore look really awesome.

You will be actually interested, but on closer inspection, everything you discovered is that is a fake traffic as well as your site happens to be spammed contaminating your analytics data and stopping one to assess the performance of one’s Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

Websites scoring huge traffic on regular basis, just a little spam Search Engine Optimization are low-cost, but smaller websites may incur a large issue since you won’t have the ability to make a certain marketing analysis because so many regarding the traffic remains fake. The issue does not end here because your server load will probably make a unique one. More the traffic, more overloaded is the server. As a result, it’ll reduce the page loading period of your site and enable bounce rate to boost hampering the SERP ranking of one’s web site.


What is causing spam Search Engine Optimization traffic?


Bots are a genuine threat to your Search Engine Optimization traffic though there are a few good bots like GoogleBot that basically assist your internet site improving through the internet. But, there are numerous devil-ones as well that will hack your visitors and steal your articles.

So, what direction to go in this condition, proceed through 6 great techniques to filter spam Search Engine Optimization traffic in Google Analytics.


1) Filter Your Analytics Traffic


The 1st factor to do in order to block the spam Search Engine Optimization traffic, filter the Analytics data as well as thus you could know what unwanted issues have been eliminated.

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To begin this, you want to make a independent view in your Google Analytics account plus refer it “bot traffic filter”. It’s really simple to do-

1) Go to “Admin,”

2) Simply click on “+” icon on the “ALL WEB SITE DATA” menu presented in the right column.



3) Now, click on “Create a new view,”

4) Finally, set a right time zone.

The final step is crucial as you will not be able to evaluate 2 similar things if you stay to Google’s standard time period zone i.e. Pacific Time.



2) Filter the Known Bots


As discussed above, you want to block all bots which come across your Search Engine Optimization traffic. But, what more celebrating listed here is which you have the chance to take them of with a button obtainable in Google Analytics. It eliminates all known bots and saves most of your efforts. Google updates it whenever it finds latest bots.

Into the new view made above,

Go to “View settings” menu

Now click on “Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders.”



3) Add Your Spam Referrers


Definitely, Google Analytics traps known bots and also block them, but you can find mischievous ones which could slip via the internet.

To catch these latest bots, open your referrer report prior to categorizing your descending data notified because of the bounce rate. Those getting the most bounce rate must be towards the top.



Employ the higher level filter which lets you see only sessions that moved beyond a specific threshold and therefore threshold is determined by the quantity of traffic you receive, but 50 may be an optimum number.

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After that browse the list in order to find which websites are beneficial for contributing to your referral list. You might find some one there as well.


4) Set up A Bad Referrer Filter


Go back to your new view and create a “Bad referrers” filter. Don’t do this at the account level but at the view screen, and here’s how to create the filter:

To set up a bad filter referrer, you’ll have to go back to “new view” and there make a “Bad Referrers” filter. See, how you can make the filter-

1)    Go to “Admin,”

2)    Choose “View” and then click on “Filter,”



3) Select “Add Filter” and create a name,



4) Select “Custom” followed by “Exclude,”

5) In the “Filter Field” section, simply click on “Campaign Source” and input the pesky domains.


5) Filter Spam Traffic from Specific Countries


When you are likely to block spam traffic from particular countries, it is suggested you need to in regards to the specific countries delivering more spam traffic much less real traffic.

What you should do?

1)    Open your “Admin” tab,

2)    Make another new view

3)    Then click on “Filters” accompanied by “+New Filter Button,”



4)    Finally, filter or block all spam traffic from countries giving you issues.


6) Block Bad Bots


Blocking bad bots is a challenging task as though even an incorrect character used would destroy your internet site. For this reason you really need to keep a backup first along with usage of the server.

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You should make use of .htaccess with this, in addition to command is:

Rewrite Engine On

Options +FollowSymlinks

Deny from


Allow from all


Keep in mind, you cannot copy this code and paste as it entails being contained in your .htaccess file. It’s a great method of removing the bot reducing down your website’s traffic as well as also checks bots from dealing with your website to start with, thus they won’t hurdle your Google Analytics data any longer.




You never recognize what might hurdle your Search Engine Optimization traffic as well as Google Analytics data, exactly what you’ll want the knowledge and ways to uproot all such problems.

These are the six crucial methods through which it’s possible to block Search Engine Optimization traffic in your Google Analytics account.

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